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Dating Summaries


Dating Summaries

Hi friends, I’ve been away for a while on family matters, but I’m back and ready to go. I haven the taken time to do my searching while away and I think I have found some great articles that you will enjoy. So here we go!

How To Date In The Internet Age:

This is a great article, it has some good information, especially to those who think about e-mailing there love at work with some sexy little note.Don’t do it! The dating world has changed a lot in the last decade. From the 50’s to the new millennium, things were about the same, and before 1950, things were the same for hundreds of years…Read on.


Dating-Its The Extras That Break The Bank:

This is an article about the facts that when people start living together, only if its on weekends they will notice a change in what they are spending.The old joke that says “Women be shoppin’” should be changed to “Women be weep-in’.”  You can fully expect your tissue consumption to increase three fold when a woman lands on your doorstep. They use it for just about everything but blowing their nose. Of course this means that you will also have to buy Kleenex as well, and that will also disappear pretty quickly on top of the TP…Read on.


Dating Online-Tips For Success:

This is a great article with good information and tips on how you can be successful with online dating.
Up until recently, you were limited to whoever was in your immediate vicinity and social circle. Now, you can meet and woo anyone in the world. Plus, you know from their profiles if they share common interests and sexual proclivities.Read more.


Good First Date Movies:

If your thinking of a movie as a first date, then you should read this article, you might get a few helpful hints and suggestions.Going on a movie for a first date is almost a no-brainer. It will not put you into any dreamy romantic category…Read more.


Tips For Breaking Up:

This is a great article with some helpful tips on breaking up, while taking the other person’s feelings into consideration. Many times, a breakup will be emotional. Sometimes throwing things emotional. Sometimes crying emotional. In any event, being in a very public place, like a restaurant, airs these emotions in front of too many people…Read more.


Mastering The Eating In Date:

This is a wonderful article for you guys who plan on making dinner yourself, for your date, it has some tips you might want to consider.
If you’re really worried or inexperienced at making dinner for someone, the best thing for you to do is subtly ask her what her favorite cuisine is during a date, and order that from a reputable establishment. ..Read more.


How To Find And Date Neo-Hippy Chicks:

Are you thinking of dating a neo-hippy chick, well if so you should check out this article, very well written as well as interesting and informative.The modern day hippy is often referred to as either a neo-hippy (who are very much like the late 60′s hippy in dress, views, and outlooks) or else they can be a granola-hippy (those who are not really into political activism,..Read on.


Black Dating Sites:

This little article focuses on Black dating sites.
The Internet is now the engine that drives freedom of expression to the entire world. There are two sides to this issue. The first is that there are no barriers to hate-mongers to spew their trash on the world at large…Read on.


BDSM Dating Sites:

Well if your into BDSM, I’m not, but if you are or your just a little curious, then you might find this little article of interest. Every sex show will always have several merchants who sell special beds, sheets or mattresses that are designed for bondage. The buzz is had by either dominating or being dominated…Read on.


A Date At The Beach:

Are you thinking of a date at the beach, (sounds romantic to me), then you should read this interesting article.There are FIVE main things that you have to take to any beach outing. If any of them are missing, you’re already sunk. You need to bring a big blanket, sunscreen, water, flip-flops, and towels. You need water or else you can get a severe headache from dehydration…Read more.


Birds And Bees Are Weirder Than You Think:

According to this interesting article, we inherited our sexual wants,(wow I can’t imagine my parents …) I think I said enough, any its a great article, worth reading.Mother nature created a lot of weird sexual diversity out there. Your wants and needs is not something that you created, you inherited them…Read more.


Veggie Sex And Other Forms Of Sex On A Budget:

Well if your into sex toys,(I’m not) but if you are this article is for you. Its full of information as well as some tips and suggestions. With the constantly rising cost of living and the bad economy, purchases at a sex shop can get expensive. On top of this, it is absolutely impossible to return anything used (for obvious reasons)…Read on.


Plenty Of Losers:

Well I never get tired of articles like this, funny, interesting and informative. Make you wonder about some of these dating sites. My name is Brianna and this is my dating story. Several years ago, I was desperately horny. That is not my usual state, but was the result of having just been through a divorce. Now divorces are not known to make you horny in themselves…Read more.


Well these are my picks for the week ending, October 23 2011. I hope you enjoy these articles, and please feel free to leave comments, some of you have and I really appreciated reading them, thank again. Until next week, and i will be back, ENJOY!.


Dating Articles


Dating Articles

Hello again, well after doing some searching I have come up with more great dating articles to post. These articles are for the week ending September 24 2011. Again I hope you enjoy your visit here and please feel free to comment as I value other peoples opinions, enjoy.

No One Falls In Love That Fast On Online Dating Sites:

So many people are looking to other country’s for love when they should really be looking in there own backyards.Its very unfortunate but a lot of these overseas dating sites are just a scam, it would be very wise before you get involved to do some checking to find out which ones your government has listed as non legit or scam sites.Lets face it how can you possibly fall in love with someone you only spoke to online once or twice, the bells should be going off on that one.
Be very careful when seeking women or men for relationships or marriage on dating sites hosted in other country’s or who’s clientele is mainly from a country different than your own.
Read more.


Vacation Sex In Canada-A Guide To The Country:

Canada is a great place to vacation in, and no its no colder here than winters in the States, as a matter of fact in some states there winters are worse.I’ve compiled a listing of every province and territory, and an interesting place to stop for some adult fun in each. Please consult your family physician and your lawyer before attempting any of these suggestions.Read more.


Sex And The Great Outdoors:

Wow, ever try it in the great outdoors, or are you thinking about it, than this article should be of interest to you.The fresh air of the country coupled with long lazy days and stimulating sunsets are likely to put both of you in a sensual/sexual state of mind. Plus, there are those full moon nights with lots of bright stars – hopefully while you end up skinny-dipping together.


Why Online Dating Sites So Popular:

This article is filled with helpful and very good information for anyone who is about to or already has joined a dating site.To be doubly sure, stay away from totally free dating sites like OKcupid or Plentyoffish. Not that they are bad in themselves, but if you stick to sites where people have to pay to join, there is less chance of running into a molester.Read more.


Does He Have A Breakfast Sausage Or Salami:

I have always said race and color have nothing to do with the size of a mans penis. Men of certain races   are no bigger than any other race, and those who think so are living in a fantasy world,”WAKE UP”  and smell the bull shit, read the facts.
In a recent study of a sample of Korean men in hospital for penis-related surgery, it was found that the ratio of a man’s ring finger to his index finger indicates the relative size of his penis.Read this article, you might learn the something..


How To Unravel A Date:

This is probably one of the funniest articles that I have read, this poor guy can’t seem to catch a break, luckily things start to work out for him in the end.Want some good info and a good laugh, then this is the article for you. It all started when I was asked to go to a formal dance with some friends of mine. Since it was formal, I was expected to come in dress pants and a jacket. I had suitable pants fortunately. The jacket was something else again and I had to buy one. I did not have a lot of money, but I was optimistic I would find something.Read more.


Setting Up A Single Dad:

This is a wonderful article for those of you who know a great single or widowed father who would love to spend some time with a nice lady but just doesn’t have the time to follow through, well there is something you can do to help,read more.


The Pros And Cons Of Dating MILF:

I personalty are not into MILF but if you are than this is the article for you.Before you dive into the cougar pool, you may want to take a closer look though.They do , after all, call them cougars for a reason.Read more.


Dating And Condoms Go Hand In Glove:

This is a fantastic article for those who like to get wild on occasion.
During this quest for your life mate, you will likely find that you will have a lot of great sex with new people that you meet. Not that there is anything wrong with that. After all, adult relationships almost always revolve around sex.Red more.


What A Banana:

This is another funny article about a bad luck date, and a guy who thinks bananas are the thing.
We decided to go to an Chinese buffet. It was nice and the food was very good. I was starting to become impressed, but that did not last too long.  After telling me how nice I looked, always nice to hear, he proceeded to tell me that he only had two toes on one foot (like I really gave a shit) …Read more.


Happy Guys Turn Leave Women Cold:

Another great interesting article that bares the facts.
Women with a shameful expression were also somewhat attractive to men. After all, if they have something to be ashamed about, maybe they can get them in the sack.Read more.


Foot Bondage In Workplace Fashion:

Have you taken a good look at women s fashions these days, you would think that were all into BDSM.
Lately, women are squeezing their agonized tootsies into bondage booties and traipsing down their respective community sidewalks looking like something out of some B movie.Read more.


Beware Of Free Online Dating Sites:

This is a very sad article about a women who got more than she bargained for when she got involved with a free online dating site.The guy she met not only took her out but he took her life as well, a very high price to pay for a free dating site.Sometimes it actually pays to pay.Read more.


There you are, my picks for this week, I hope you enjoy reading them and get some useful as well as helpful information from each of them.Until next week, ENJOY.



More Dating Articles

After spending some time searching the web for blog articles of interest to me, I have again made a list to pass on to you too read and hopefully enjoy. Since I have a lot of time on my hands, and my computer consumes a lot of it I can search quite intensively. So here we go, these are my favorite articles for the week ending, Sept 9 2011.

Breaking Up Is Often The Hardest Part Of A Relationship:

Are you in a relationship your not happy in and would like to get out of it without actually hurting your partner or coming off as the bad guy, well hear are a few tips you might want to consider. The best way to effectively have a smooth break-up is limit the time you’re together with your ex immediately after the dumping.If you start seeing someone new, don’t take them to your ex’s regular haunts….Read more.


Home Cooked Dinner-Recipe For Success:

Are you a guy and planning a big night with your new love interest.Have you decided to invite her to your place for a home cooked meal, well if so there are a few things you should take into consideration.Before undertaking the first cooking date, make sure you have any food allergies down cold.The life threatening ones are worry some, but the annoying can prove to be an intimacy killer as well…


Dating A Granola Child:

Do you know what a hippie is? well I do, but back in the 60s they were the real thing. Today there not really hippie’s more like hippie wannabes.I’m sure you have come in contact with them ad don’t even realize it.The modern day hippie’s often referred to as either a neo-hippie (who are very much like the late 60’s hippie in dress, views and outlooks) or else they can be a granola-hippie ( those who are not really into political activism, but are into eco friendly vegetarian life styles)….more.


BDSM Dating Sites:

Are you into this BDSM , well I can honestly say its not for me. I mean I don’t mind trying new things but that’s a little much for me, but if it turns your crank or has your curiosity wheels turning than this is the article for you.You might find its not as bad as you were lead to believe it is.For the most part, those people who get off on BDSM seldom actually hurt each other, and it they do, it is usually more accidental than planned. More like jamming your finger rather than hitting it with a hammer…more.


A Date At The Beach:

Are you seriously considering or have you considered taking your special girl on a beach date, well if so there are a lot of things you should be aware of to make your date go off without a hitch.This article explains just what they are.
First off, there are five things you MUST bring to the beach on your date. If you forget any for these, your day will be off to a lousy start that can only get worse…more


Things Not To Tell Your Kids About The Birds And The Bees:

There in no telling what might turn a guy on.Tattooing, piercing, torture devices trying to get a longer dick.Self abuse, being bitten, pulling, twisting and squeezing are common a well.A lot of guys are embarrassed by this, and go to a professional dominatrix behind there partners backs.If you think that is drastic, you haven’t heard anything yet….more.


Veggie Sex And Other Forms Of Sex On A Budget:

Instead of spending a fortune on a dildo, find an inexpensive alternative. Go to the produce section of your local supermarket and pick an appropriate dildo substitute for pennies on the dollar. Just think, you can be standing beside your minister in the store, talking about last weeks sermon, and be selecting your next sex instrument right under his eyes…more.


Plenty Of Losers:

Sometimes free is not always better, as this gal found out.This is a very funny article, it made me laugh so hard I almost wet myself.As it turns out, plentyoffish is a good name for the site. I did meet some piranhas and a couple of octopus types. They should call it plenty of losers…more


Are You Just Hungry Or Do You Just Like Snacking On My Fingers:

Ever had a date that just never shut up, one that’s tells you her life story as well as medical history.
Nobody has had more bad luck with blind dates than me. My very first blind date seemed nice at first. But once she started to talk, she just would not quit. At some point during her one way discourse, she started to talk about her kidney problems…more


Big Beautiful Women Are Just So Sexy:

Looks like the BBW’S are finally making a come back.Good for them!
When you look back in time, voluptuous women were considered to be most desirable. Larger women were seen as mother figures, and offspring were a necessity in nomadic and agricultural societies.  Even in cave man days, small figurines often idealized their goddesses as voluptuous women and in most cases these figurines were more obese than voluptuous…more


Dance Floor Undies:

This article is by far the funniest that I have ever read.Its about a girl who on a first date with the most popular guy in school, loses her under panties on the dance floor “that’s right” she acually danced right out of her undies.lol lol….more


Lots Of Fish In Your Own Pond When Dating:

Lets be reasonable here shell we, lot of people online are looking for so called love in another country other than there own why?.Well thats seems obvious, a lot of them want out of there country and need some poor sucker to help them, that’s where you come in.
Be very careful when seeking women or men for relationships or marriage on dating sites hosted in other country’s or who’s clientele is mainly from a country different than your own. Especially if the ad says seeking men or women in other country’s for love and possible marriage. “HELLO”, if that doesn’t say looking for a sucker nothing does….more


Here you have it, my favorite article picks. Hope you find them interesting, humorous as well as helpful, until next week. ENJOY!