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Dating Summaries


Dating Summaries

Well you thought you got rid of me but I’m still here lol lol. Had family matters to attend to but now I’m in full swing. These are my picks of some of the best dating articles that I have read online. My picks are for the week ending November 26 2011.

The Outdoor Seduction:

We had only known each other a short time when that day came around. He found me one day while I was eating lunch and asked if he could sit with me.This is an article about a women who meets a guy she comes to believe is a real loser and not her type, but then it happens. You will have to read this funny but well put together article to find out how it turned out.Follow the link below.


Take Your Hands Off Me:

Several years ago I found my self alone, when my husband, and father of my 2 children, left us. I worked hard to take care of my family and didn’t really have much of a social life of my own.Well I have read a lot of articles about women who have met losers, but this one takes the cake. Read it for yourself, just visit the link below.


As A Transsexual Will I Ever Find Happiness:

This is a great article, very well written and worth reading.
The live of a transsexual person is not an easy one. We are such a small population demographic that it is difficult to find someone who gets you. I now understand from first hand experience that transsexual people in smaller centres often lead a lonely, despondent life.Read this article by following the link below.

Dating In The Electronic Age:

It seems like only yesterday all you needed for a successful courtship was a big club to smack a love interest over the head with. Wow that would hurt lol, very good article well written, it has a lot of suggestions and helpful tips.


The Cost Plus Items Of Dating:

I am not sure why, but women seem to go through a mess of toilet paper. Guys seldom go through a roll a week. Women average a couple of days per. If a women lands in your digs on a regular basis, expect a three fold increase in toilet paper consumption. Why do women always get accuse of using to much toilet paper?. This article is very good, It gives you a good idea of how the cost of living does go up when to people decide to live together. To read this fantastic article follow the link below.


Dating Online-Tips For Success:

One of the most amazing things that modern technology has offered to the human race is the entire new way that it is possible to meet someone new. This is a wonderful well written article, full of online dating tips for those who use the internet to find there match. To read this amazing article follow the link below:


Movies As A First Date:

After selecting the movie to see, you will likely what some sort of snack and refreshment. Although it is hard to do, try to stay away from popcorn and soda pop. This article is very informative, with lots of tips for those of you who are considering a movie as a first date. Visit the link below to get the whole story.


Breakup Tips:

The best situation when breaking up with someone is to do it at his or her place. A lot of people say go somewhere public so they won’t make a scene. I know how hard it can be breaking up “yes i do”, it can be very hard sometimes because you really don’t want to hurt the other person. This article has some very good suggestions on how to breakup while considering the feelings of the other person. To read this great article visit the link below.


Making Her Dinner-How To Succeed:

Just make sure that you do not promise her home cooked when you invite her. If you are handy enough in a kitchen that you are willing to actually do the cooking yourself, here are some easy tips to follow: This article is again full of helpful tips for those guys out there who are considering cooking there own dinner for there date as oppose to going to a restaurant. Visit the link below to read this very informative article.


Dating A Granola Child:

The modern day hippy is often referred to as either a neo-hippy (who are very much like the late 60’s hippy in dress, views, and outlooks) or else they can be a granola-hippy (those who are not really into political activism, but are into green eco friendly vegetarian life styles). If your into the hippy type then this is a wonderfully written article for you. Visit the link below to get the whole story.


Ebony Dating Sites:

The Internet is now the engine that drives freedom of expression to the entire world. This has a couple of facets that result. This is another great article with lots of interesting facts, very much worth reading. Just visit the link below.


Ideas For Kinky Dates With Open Minded Ladies:

If your women has any sorts of bi-sexual tendencies, she will likely jump at the chance to go to a strip bar. I mean, she will likely enjoy the action as much as you! She might even buy you a lap dance, and vise-versa! WOW! every guy should be so lucky, great article well written and very interesting. To read this fantastic article just visit the link below.


Online BDSM Dating:

Slapping your tush can actually bring on a more powerful orgasm. On the same note, the bondage side of it is quite real. Usually however it just means being lightly tied to a bed. Wow sounds kind of kinky to me, but if your into BDSM then this interesting article is very much worth reading, even if your not into BDSM you might want to read this article, you will probably learn a few things you didn’t know about BDSM. To read this wonderful article visit the link below.


Well there you have it, my summaries of some of the best articles I have read online. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing about them.Until next week ENJOY.










These are my pics of some of the best articles posted on blogs that I have read,these are for the week ending July, 5 2011.I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have.

This is one of my favorites,very well written with lots on helpful tips and information.

If two Chinese people are dating, they are very well aware of Chinese social conventions. However, when one of those people is not Chinese, cultural differences will likely cause problems and strain the relationship if they are not discussed upfront…For more on this article just follow the link below.

Image Previewhttp://gaypersonals.anyhow5.com/2011/06/27/chinese-dating/

Have you ever got so sick of Viagra and Cialis commercials you could just scream, I know I have.This next article talks about just that, the fact that people are being brain washed into thinking  they need drugs to have better sex, give me a break.

There is just so much crap on the internet about having better sex with drugs. Viagra and Cialis have a place when there really is a physical issue, but in many cases, there is no real medical problem per se… visit the link below to get the whole story.

Image PreviewGo to fullsize image 


Are you aware the several generations ago sexual pleasure was only for the man to enjoy and not women, that’s right women were just supposed to lay there until the man was finished.How chauvinistic was that.This next article is great it talks about that very subject.Its one of my favorites.Its called if you want more sex treat your women to an orgasm, how right they are.

In Victorian times, most adult women did not have orgasmsIn actuality, many did not understand what an orgasm  was.  A lot of women were reared with rudimentary knowledge of sex, and often thinking that sex was dirty. Another study climaxing in 2005 found that one in three women reported never or seldom achieving orgasm …to get the rest of the story visit the link below you’ll be glad you did.

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If your new at the dating game or for some reason seem to have trouble connecting with women then  this article is definitely for you.Filled with helpful advice and tips a must read.Its called Do You Have Problems Dating Women.

If your looking for tips on dating wome then hopefully this post will give you a few tips. When you are successful with women on a first date, they will likely be open for other dates, regardless of what you look like or your financial position. There is one key ingredient, and that is charm, charm, charm.  Although there is such a thing as too flattering, girls will tend to forgive that. There is however, a few must not dos such as:

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Dating Online Survey Results:This is another great article that should be read.Informative as well as interesting.

The following summary from a study of 100 exurbanites details some insights gained as to how people seek out dates and potential life partners.Online Dating Sites may not result in you winning your life partner, but it may be an interesting diversion
…to read the entire article follow the link below.

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This article is called how to make love like a porn star,(I Wish) this article explains why our men like to look at porn movies , are they missing something,read the article and find out.

Many women would like to capture the love and attention of that special someone in their lives. The real problem behind this desire is that most women do not really know what they have to do sexually to separate them from the herd of other women out there…visit the link below.

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This article is called finding love online and it gives you the basics.Very well written informative, interesting filled with facts and tips.To read this article just visit the link below.

This is an summation of my thoughts on using Internet Dating Sites to find love online. By direct observation, I have seen dozens of people succeed in finding a solid life partner using online dating sites, but I have also seen many more fail...

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This is a very good article on lesbians using dating sites, it gives helpful tips on creating a profile.And some dos and don’t s This is a very informative post with lots of information..

For many lesbians, finding the love of your life can be as easy as googling for lesbian (or even some more general purpose online dating sites) and creating an true profile that is fun and friendly, and then just sit back and read the emails that will start to trickle in for the next few days. It is actually that easy but you…to read this article just visit the link below.

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