These are my picks of good dating related articles for the week June 21 to June 28 2011,hope you enjoy them as much s I did,I’m sure you will get some chuckles out of some of these ones,ENJOY.

My first article is called Will I Ever Loss My Virginity. It’s about couple of guys who consider themselves losers until someone leads them in the right direction.It is both funny and informative.If you have a problem meeting women this article is for you.

Hi my name is Skippy, and no I’m not a kangaroo! I was just a love starved guy looking for little nooky. I was always hoping someone would take a chance on me. Hmm – sounds like an old song. Lol. Lol.

This is a wonderful article with lots of helpful tips and suggestions,if this sounds like you then you owe it to yourself to read this article.I’m sure you will get as much out of it as I have.
You, for some reason, have just gone through a messy situation in your personal life and want to dig your way out of it.  Depending on the issue, this new path you want to take might be rather difficult to negotiate. 

Visit this link:

If your thinking of becoming a swinger then this article is definitely for you,its chock full of tips and suggestions for those who are seriously considering a swingers lifestyle.

Why would couples want to become swingers, why would they want to have sex with someone else especially if they’re supposed to be in love with each other?Its often because they re free spirits who, although totally in love with each other, just do not believe that exclusiveness adds anything to a relationship.I’m sure you will find this article very interesting,its just a click away.

This is  another very funny but informative article about two men who don’t seem to have a lot of luck in the dating game but manage to find true love through the internet.Its nice to know  someone that can lead you down the right path.

As I rode my bike down to the park area behind my house one sunny weekend last year, I was looking in amazement at the fallen trees, and the shrubs that some people refer to as  flowers, and smelling the water in the creek (that I know comes from the sewers), when a bird shit on my head.To get the whole story follow the link.

What is sex appeal?And do you think you have it?Most dictionaries define it as the ability to excite people sexually,but also describe it as being sexually interesting or exciting.This is a fantastic article that you should read.It has a lot of tips for us ladies.Follow the link.

This is a terrific article about dating in your later years,its seems that for the older generation starting all over in the dating arena can be a pretty frustrating experience,but there is help .
Finding yourself single again after what seems like a life time of marriage and being over 50 can feel like falling down the proverbial well.If you fall into this category than this article is for you,its very well written with some amusing twist along the way as well as tips and advice.To read this wonderful article just visit the link below.

This is another great article that deals with sex and how we woman can be a tiger in bed by following some simple tips.

Lots of women secretly desire the ability to totally turn on there man so that he will never look at another woman. The real problem behind this desire is that most women do not really know what they have to do sexually to separate them from the herd of other women out there. Want to be a Tiger?Then this article is for you,just follow the link bellow and you’ll be a tigress in no time.

There are thousands of dating sites on the Internet, ranging from excellent to scams.

In reality, there are only a double handful of legitimate large scale dating sites. Most of them are just not worth the effort to join. The greater majority of the legitimate dating sites are not free. If you are interested in online dating, follow the link below and it will take you to a site that lists the best sites on the internet.

This is a great informative article that should be read if your thinking of joining a online dating site.

This is a totally unscientific rant based on my own observations of people both in real life and on dating sites. I have observed the online dating industry for some time now, more as a curiosity than as a member.  As a member of several dating sites over the years, I have seen first hand how it is that people interact both successfully and unsuccessfully.This is a must read,visit the link below.

If your into MILF than you came to the right place this article is interesting,informative and tells it like it is.
Once considered trite, the expression MILF is not only currently more acceptable, but what every man wants.
To read more about MILF visit the link below.

This is a wonderfully written article on how to maintain a healthy relationship

It appears to me that a lot of  couples these days, forget who they started out being|Many couples forget their roots. Once they become a couple, they often lose track of the reasons why they bonded in the first place. Why is that? Find out by following this link.


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