Dating Summaries


Dating Summaries:

Hi there! have found some great articles for this week. Had to really do some searching, so I hope you take the time to read each one  as I have done. These are for the week ending Jan 29 2012. Have fun and enjoy.

To read each article simply click on the title.

Important Firsts Of Dating:

It is a guarantee that once the first gas slips out when you are with your partner, that there will come a time when you sorta do it on purpose. In fact you may add a bit of pizzaz to it. In this particular case, even though you are with your partner, you go out of your way to let everybody within earshot know that you just passed gas..LOL LOL LOL this is a somewhat stinky subject but a great article, it has a lot of tips and suggestions. Very well written and one of my favorites.

The Date From Hell:

When she finally showed up, she told me that she was in crap up to her eyeballs because she had taken the car yesterday without permission . Her friend’s mother had read her the riot act and kicked her out. She had an hour to pack up and leave permanently….Can you smell couldn’t pick a decent date it your life depended on it. Well this guy obviously went to the wrong dating site because the girl he met was right out of a SI-FI movie.This is a great article that must be read, especially if you plan on joining a dating site.

Forget The Jewish Faith-Lesbians Are Gods Chosen People:

If you subscribe to such rational, then hopefully you would be open-minded enough to recognize that there is only one group in society, other than celibate people, who have been mostly untouched AIDS. That group is the Lesbian community. This is a fantastic article and it would be nice to have your opinions on this…Read the entire article.

Wearing Just A Bra And Panties Can Be A Turnoff:

He had put on my eye liner and lipstick as well. He told me not to be alarmed that he sometimes likes to wear women’s underwear. He asked if it turned me on. I informed him that it didn’t and he had better give my stuff back… (Boy does she know how to pick them or what), great article that I think is a warning to be ware of guys who are too perfect to be true, they usually are….Read this article in its entirety, I think you will really enjoy it.

I Got Plenty Of Nothing:

The first guy that I met in the chat room said that he liked to walk on beaches (by the way, that is a pickup line on a dating site – guys do not really like to walk on beaches I have found) and he liked to spend time with his children. I checked his online profile and lo and behold; no kids.”WOW” some guys will say just about anything to get a girl to go out with them. This one was obviously looking for love in all the wrong places, has her luck changed, you will have to read this wonderfully written article to find out.

Good Ways To Break Up:

But back to the point – sometimes you have to break up with a partner. It’s never fun, but there are things you can do to make it less awful. My advice: do it as soon as possible – that way you can get over it, and move on to trying to find the right person. This is a great article, full of helpful information and some helpful tips on telling your partner it’s over, and doing it in such a way that even though its heart breaking for him or her they can hopefully except it a little easier, if that is at all possible. This is an article very much worth reading.

Making Her Dinner-How To Succeed:

If you are really worried or inexperienced at making dinner for someone, the best thing for you to do is subtly ask her what her favourite cuisine is during a date, and order that from a reputable establishment.This is a wonderful article for you guys out there who really want to make a good impression.

The Outhouse Seduction:

We had to sleep in a very small tent that I discovered had a very large snake inside. As I fled into the night screaming in fear, he ran behind me asking what he could do to make the situation more livable. I suggested he get a bigger tent and a smaller snake. HAHAHA This is another fave of mine, it’s so funny I can almost see it happening. Must be read.

Blind Date From Hell:

At one point in her monologue, she started to talk about all the problems that she had with kidney stones. I was stunned speechless at this level of conversation on a first date. Unfortunately she must have thought that my silence was rapt attention and interest. Another great article, funny as well very interesting. Just goes to should you, beware of blind dates.

Sex And The Great Outdoors:

This will invariably lead to the desire for some hot outdoors sex. But before you pack your sleeping bag and lube, there are a couple of downsides that need to be considered when you have sex while camping…”WOW” sex in the great outdoors sounds yummy.

Better Sex Anywhere On A Budget:

That’s why it’s always so fun going to a sex shop with your new partner and buying some sex toys for your private times. Maybe have a few drinks at a pub near the sex shop first, that way you’re both a little drunk, and your normal inhibitions will be dropped. I really must check out some of those sex shops lol they sound awesome. Another very good article you must read.

BDSM Dating Sites:

Online BDSM Dating is not for everyone. For the uninitiated, BDSM stands for Bondage, Domination, Sado-Masochism. “Ouch” but if your into BDSM than this article if for you, if you’re not into it well this is a great article to read regardless. Very good article.

Ebony Dating Sites:

Online dating is not just for any one race, black men and black women will often employ the Internet to establish connections with potential boyfriends or girlfriends…So true, this wonderful article is worth reading especially if you are considering joining a dating site.

Movies As A First Date:

The worst thing about a movie date can also be it’s best thing. It is hard to talk during a movie. In fact it is frowned upon. This article hits it right on the head, but my advice,”(no horror flicks)’ maybe a nice love story.

Vacation Sex In Canada -A Guide To The Country:

This is no third world nation. If you are touring Canada (and if you decide to make several excursions over several years because it is a lot larger than the entire United States, and all of Europe (excluding Russia) combined, you will likely find that there are many times when you would like to sneak away and have a little private action. Canada literally has millions of suitable places, which are just too numerous to mention. The following is a 2 minute guide to our favorite nooky spots in Canada. This is a fantastic article, so full of facts, information, tips and suggestions. It really is a great place to vacation, believe me you must read this article.

Don’t Pull Threads On A Date:

Later that day, I prepared for my big date. Showered, shaved, combed my hair a new way, and tried some new aftershave that I had bought that day that was supposed to drive women crazy. As I looked in the mirror that night after getting ready for my big date… Wonderful amusing article about a loser I mean guy that obviously did not have lady luck on his side that night. Must read for your self.

Horny And Looking:

You have no idea what desperation is until you saw how horny I was a while back. After my divorce a couple of years previous, I had not been with a man in any way, especially not in the biblical sense.  So there I was one day looking longingly at the 270 pound butcher at my local meat market.I don’t think I would be so horny as to go after my 300 pound butcher, to each his own hahaha. This is a really good article that you really should read.

I Am Not An All You Can Eat Buffet:

When I bent down to say hello and open the car door I realized I had made a mistake, it wasn’t him! I guess in that instant I hoped that somehow it was not him! But alas, he was my date. The real life image was such a letdown. I was actually in shock! I think I was totally stunned. In any event, like a lamb to the slaughter, I just walked around to the passenger side and got in… Well I give her credit for getting in his car, I would have fled in the opposite direction hahah. Very well written must read article.

Top 10 Personal Sites:

If it is a personal relationship breakup that is your latest negative challenge, you might decide to toss your hat in the ring again and get on the horse and ride again (wow – how many trite expressions is that in one sentence?). In reality, you may take some time to reflect, but in the end, the only right answer is to go out there and meet someone new…Another very good article, this is so interesting and full of information.

Happy Guys Turn-Leave Women Cold:

Women liked a proud physical expression on a man, and younger women were second most turned on to shameful expressions with sagging shoulders, etc.. For some reason, all age groups were not that attracted to pictures of men who were happy. This is a very interesting article and is worth the time to read it.

Here you have it, my picks for the week and as always ENJOY!


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