Dating Summaries


Dating Summaries:

Hello! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, I sure did. Loved giving gifts and cooking that great turkey, finally had all my children over with there wives, girlfriend  and the grandchildren all together for Christmas dinner. It was the best holiday ever.

While keeping busy with the festivities I managed to check the internet for some great articles that I found very funny, serious and interesting You see I didn’t forget you! So here they are and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

To read the articles I have chosen simply click on the title.


How I Found My Love Online:

I did not want to spend the rest of my life alone,and things were working out well enough that I did not want to flub the opportunity this site was giving me… This is a very good article about a women who didn’t know much about computers but was able to use one to find the love of her life. This is a well written article that you may get some ideas from on how to keep your head on while keeping track of potential suitors.

Plenty Of Creepy Dates:

You have no idea how long I could go on telling you about the weirdos that I met on POF. Pigs who tell you anything to get you in bed….This is a wonderful amusing article about a women who can’t seem to buy a decent date on some of the dating sites she is trying until she finds the right one.

MILF On The Make:

What a roller coaster ride. I could not keep up. I was bombarded with emails from every site. What a crazy time I had for the next few weeks. Men offering to take me out on a date on their first contact. It was crazy, and yet I was reveling in it….This is a very well written article about a women who is a MILF, read all about her sexual roller coaster ride.

A Drip In Time Saves Nothing:

He seemed incapable of maintaining a meaningful dialog. At times I thought he was shy, but I was more inclined to believe that he was just not that into me…This article is one of my favorites funny yet serious, you can almost see it happening to you. This interesting article is a must read.

The False Life Of Victoria Secret Women:

The last straw for me was the false bum. She was actually wearing something that accentuated her ass!…This wonderful article gives new meaning to the term, you can’t tell a book by its cover lol, another article that must be read.

Thoughtless Thinking:

She then laughed at how stupid he was to be so persistent.  I asked her why it was stupid, because from my point of view it looked like he just wanted to dance….This article is about the crazy thinking of one of those women you would just like to crab and shake some sense into, but then it probably wouldn’t do ant good anyway.Its no wonder she still alone. Great article worth reading.

Best Free Online Dating Sites:

This is the best casual dating site on the Internet. This site’s members are very tolerant of sexually explicit suggestions…This is a great article, filled with helpful tips and information as well as links to some of the best free online dating sites. This article is very much worth reading if you are considering joining a free dating site or are just looking for something better.

You Date Rape Pervert:

It took me a while to realize my original mistake. I had put too much information on my dating profile, including my place of work…This is a fantastic article about a young women who had a very close call with a real creep. Luckily she realized her mistake and learned from it. Be very careful that you don’t give out to much personal info on dating sites or chat lines.

Finding Nemo:

I was passing by a sex store when I glanced in the window and saw him inside. I suddenly was just driven to find out what he was all about….This is another one of my favourite articles about a women who resorts to a females best friend until Mr right comes along, ( and I don’t mean a diamond). Very well written, interesting and very funny a must read for sure.

Grinning Your Way Through Life:

Everyone at work lately remarks how happy I always am now. They all assume of course that I have a new lover or something….This article is about a women who discovered that wearing panties can be more fun than not lol. You definitely have to read this wonderfully amusing article.

A Numbing Experience:

This misadventure happened to me a few years ago, but it is somewhat timeless and is worth mentioning to other people. This funny interesting article is based on one womens mishap with a favourite sex toy that actually landed her in the emergency ward. LOL she has more nerve than most people I’ll say that for her. This article must be read, and if you don’t get a laugh out of it then you have no sense of humor. I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Dating Technology Trends In An Algorithmic Age:

Some words of caution though, stay clear of sites where men do not have to pay. These sites tend to have some really low life guys hanging around on them…This is a well written very interesting article, full of facts and information on where online dating sites might be headed. Worth taking the time to read.

Why Toilets Are Important To A Healthy Relationship:

Since the dawn of civilization, the design of the outhouse and the chamber pot remained relatively unchanged. I mean, how can you improve on perfection….This article is very interesting, it stresses the point that we have to be a little courteous to others where toilets are concerned. If your at her place put the seat down after use, at his place put it up it makes for a happier relationship.

I’M Not On The Menu:

I met this dork, I mean male shortly after joining, he seemed smart, seemed articulate and humorous…”Wow” If it was not for bad luck this women wouldn’t have any luck, when it comes to dating that is. Amusing article about a single again women who joined the wrong dating site and got the shock of her life. Another must read.

As A Transsexual Will I Ever Find Happiness:

The very first time I entered a chat-room I was mesmerized, I thought, “this is fantastic, what a great way to meet people”. It did not take me long to realize that chat rooms are full of charlatans… This article is fantastic, full of information and helpful tips to help you when going on chat lines and dating sites. It opens your eyes to the fact that some people only act interested to lead you on and play games, they get some kind of gratification from hurting other people. This article is very much worth reading.

Modern Dating Advice:

So to help you out, I have included a few choice tidbits of information that you may be able to glean some tips from….This article is very interesting as well as informative with some helpful tips to help you let you know the dos and don’ts of sending messages of love via email.

Dating-Its The Extras That Break The Bank:

The old joke that says “Women be shoppin’” should be changed to “Women be wipin’.”  If a women lands in your digs on a regular basis, expect a three fold increase in toilet paper consumption. How true I hate to say it but we do use alot of  toilet paper, but the we have to lol. Great article on the rising cost when single becomes a couple.

The Best Way To Date Online:

Up until the last few years, your ability to connect with someone was usually limited to those people you would meet in your own social network….This is a wonderful article about online dating. Things that you should know before signing up and things you should be made aware of. This can also be applied to chat lines, remember there are alot of kooks out there so be safe.

Well these are my picks for the week ending Jan 8th which is also my moms birthday. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing about them. ENJOY!










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  1. Thanks for all the info wish there were more blogs like this. Where do you get all this information. I actually took a few of the tips that I read about in some of the articles and put them into action, my wife and I loved it keep it up your blog is a hit with us.

  2. Thanks for your posts, cant tell you how much me and my girlfriend enjoyed reading them. I have ever read some articles that went into so much detail. And some were so funny, great job don’t stop doing what your doing we need more posts like this.People who tell it like it is instead of sugar coating everything.We will definitely be revisiting.

  3. your posts are very enlightening,they give me something to think about and I realize that there are people out there who are worse of then me when it comes to dating and relationships.Thanks so much please keep posting.

  4. really enjoy reading your blog posts, I have actually learned a few things lol lol if you know what I mean.Keep doing what your doing its nice to resd articles that actually make sense to me.

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