Dating Summaries


Dating Summaries:

Hello, I have done my article searching and have come up with some dandy’s for you. It took a little longer what with the holidays coming and everything and I hope you get something out of each and everyone of them.

Finding Nemo:

This is such a funny article that I had to put it first. I can truly say that this women has more nerve than I do.
Nemo had prodigious stamina and could last for hours if necessary. I always seemed to give out before he did. This is one great article, to read it just visit the link below.

How To Keep Smiling If Your Dates A Dud:

This is another wonderfully written article that must be read. After all, if someone has bored me senseless, or even worse, ignored me all night, it is highly unlikely that I will make love to them…Visit the link below.

A Numbing Experience:

This article is about a women who had her share of the 30 second man and wants something more. Somehow that was not enough for me. I was an avid reader and had read about those great orgasms that women in those books always had with their lovers….Read more.

Where Are Online Dating Sites Going:

This is another very informative article for those who are wondering where online dating is going these days. There will be a lot of book sharing between people. In effect, this will do to books what the Ipod did to music.. Read on.

A Crapper Conundrum:

But from the dawn of civilization, the basic design of the out house was perfected and has remained unchanged for centuries. I found this article to be both amusing, interesting and informative, very much worth reading.Visit the link below.

Making The Best Out Of Popular Date Venues:

You want to be yourself, but you also want to appear like you’ve got things together. This is another well written article, full of facts and helpful tips…Read more.

Sleepover Essentials:

This article is a must read, especially if you engage in sexual activity with your dates.
For your own protection, and hers, these little babies are essential. But make sure you get the right size. I cursed them for years before I realized that I was bigger around than average..Read more.

Dates For Open Minded Ladies:

This article was written by someone who knows what there talking about, very interesting and full of information. If your women has any sorts of bi-sexual tendencies, she will likely jump at the chance to go to a strip bar. I mean, she will likely enjoy the action as much as you!..Visit the link below.

Dating Adventures In Cottage Country:

This is another funny article with a few twists and turns, you must read this one. When we finally crawled into bed I was exhausted. As I stretched out, something moved under my hand. I was looking at the biggest garter snake I had ever seen!..Read on.

Chat Rooms Are No Place For Transsexuals To Meet People:

My first experience meeting people online was with AOL chat rooms several years ago. The very first time I entered a chat-room I was mesmerized, I thought, “this is fantastic, what a great way to meet people”…This article is very much worth reading…Read more.


Modern Dating Advice:

This article is quite interesting.
It’s pretty commonplace for most people to have a computer at their job these days. This means you can email your special someone while you have a break, or during your lunch…Read on.

Cents Of A Women:

Guys all get the fact that you will be picking up the tab when you take her out to dinner or a movie, but as the relationship gets more serious….Read on.

Dating Disaster -Blind Date From Hell:

Nobody has had more bad luck with blind dates than me. My very first blind date seemed nice at first. But once she started to talk, she just would not quit. At one point in her monologue, she started to talk about all the problems that she had had with kidney stone….Very funny, must read just visit the link below.

The Best Way To Date Online:

Up until the last few years, your ability to connect with someone was usually limited to those people you would meet in your own social network…Read on.

Good First Date Movies:

After selecting the movie to see, you will likely what some sort of snack and refreshment. Although it is hard to do, try to stay away from popcorn and soda pop. Most guys eat popcorn like pigs….want more then follow the link.

There you have my picks for the week ending Dec 10 2011, hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did. Until next week ENJOY!








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