Dating Summaries


Dating Summaries

Hi friends, I’ve been away for a while on family matters, but I’m back and ready to go. I haven the taken time to do my searching while away and I think I have found some great articles that you will enjoy. So here we go!

How To Date In The Internet Age:

This is a great article, it has some good information, especially to those who think about e-mailing there love at work with some sexy little note.Don’t do it! The dating world has changed a lot in the last decade. From the 50’s to the new millennium, things were about the same, and before 1950, things were the same for hundreds of years…Read on.

Dating-Its The Extras That Break The Bank:

This is an article about the facts that when people start living together, only if its on weekends they will notice a change in what they are spending.The old joke that says “Women be shoppin’” should be changed to “Women be weep-in’.”  You can fully expect your tissue consumption to increase three fold when a woman lands on your doorstep. They use it for just about everything but blowing their nose. Of course this means that you will also have to buy Kleenex as well, and that will also disappear pretty quickly on top of the TP…Read on.

Dating Online-Tips For Success:

This is a great article with good information and tips on how you can be successful with online dating.
Up until recently, you were limited to whoever was in your immediate vicinity and social circle. Now, you can meet and woo anyone in the world. Plus, you know from their profiles if they share common interests and sexual proclivities.Read more.

Good First Date Movies:

If your thinking of a movie as a first date, then you should read this article, you might get a few helpful hints and suggestions.Going on a movie for a first date is almost a no-brainer. It will not put you into any dreamy romantic category…Read more.

Tips For Breaking Up:

This is a great article with some helpful tips on breaking up, while taking the other person’s feelings into consideration. Many times, a breakup will be emotional. Sometimes throwing things emotional. Sometimes crying emotional. In any event, being in a very public place, like a restaurant, airs these emotions in front of too many people…Read more.

Mastering The Eating In Date:

This is a wonderful article for you guys who plan on making dinner yourself, for your date, it has some tips you might want to consider.
If you’re really worried or inexperienced at making dinner for someone, the best thing for you to do is subtly ask her what her favorite cuisine is during a date, and order that from a reputable establishment. ..Read more.

How To Find And Date Neo-Hippy Chicks:

Are you thinking of dating a neo-hippy chick, well if so you should check out this article, very well written as well as interesting and informative.The modern day hippy is often referred to as either a neo-hippy (who are very much like the late 60′s hippy in dress, views, and outlooks) or else they can be a granola-hippy (those who are not really into political activism,..Read on.

Black Dating Sites:

This little article focuses on Black dating sites.
The Internet is now the engine that drives freedom of expression to the entire world. There are two sides to this issue. The first is that there are no barriers to hate-mongers to spew their trash on the world at large…Read on.

BDSM Dating Sites:

Well if your into BDSM, I’m not, but if you are or your just a little curious, then you might find this little article of interest. Every sex show will always have several merchants who sell special beds, sheets or mattresses that are designed for bondage. The buzz is had by either dominating or being dominated…Read on.

A Date At The Beach:

Are you thinking of a date at the beach, (sounds romantic to me), then you should read this interesting article.There are FIVE main things that you have to take to any beach outing. If any of them are missing, you’re already sunk. You need to bring a big blanket, sunscreen, water, flip-flops, and towels. You need water or else you can get a severe headache from dehydration…Read more.

Birds And Bees Are Weirder Than You Think:

According to this interesting article, we inherited our sexual wants,(wow I can’t imagine my parents …) I think I said enough, any its a great article, worth reading.Mother nature created a lot of weird sexual diversity out there. Your wants and needs is not something that you created, you inherited them…Read more.

Veggie Sex And Other Forms Of Sex On A Budget:

Well if your into sex toys,(I’m not) but if you are this article is for you. Its full of information as well as some tips and suggestions. With the constantly rising cost of living and the bad economy, purchases at a sex shop can get expensive. On top of this, it is absolutely impossible to return anything used (for obvious reasons)…Read on.

Plenty Of Losers:

Well I never get tired of articles like this, funny, interesting and informative. Make you wonder about some of these dating sites. My name is Brianna and this is my dating story. Several years ago, I was desperately horny. That is not my usual state, but was the result of having just been through a divorce. Now divorces are not known to make you horny in themselves…Read more.

Well these are my picks for the week ending, October 23 2011. I hope you enjoy these articles, and please feel free to leave comments, some of you have and I really appreciated reading them, thank again. Until next week, and i will be back, ENJOY!.


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