These are my pic as #1 blog articles for the week ending August 21 2011, some of these articles contain some very useful and helpful tips and information that could certainly be a benefit to the readers.


My first article explains why Online Dating has become so popular with today’s generations. Its full of helpful information and facts.Very well written by someone who obviously knows there stuff.

Online dating is one aspect of the Internet revolution that most of us love. If you stop to ponder it a bit, you will understand that it makes the whole process of meeting someone to date just way too easy….To get to this informative article visit the link below:

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So you think size has to do with color?Well if you do your wrong, this is just a fantasy and wishful thinking, it has nothing what so ever to do with it.

A sample study in Korea has recently discovered that the ratio of a man’s index finger to his ring finger is an accurate measure of his meat treat. If his ring finger is longer than his index finger, odds are he’s packing some sizable stuff in his underwear, ladies….This is a fantastic article that merits a second look,full of interesting info for you ladies that think size matters.To get to this article just visit the link below.

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This is a wonderful little article about helping a single father you might know find someone to fill the empty void.Is there something that you could give a gift to besides your immediate parents?Lets look outside of your immediate family and broaden your sights to include your immediate circle of friends.This is a well written article very much worth a look, especially for those who have or know a single dad.To read this article visit the link below.

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Are you dating or thinking of dating an older women, than this article is for you, its full of helpful information you should be aware of. as well as helpful tips.
Modern young men are not so hung up with the age of their dates, and are increasingly turning to older women to satisfy their libidos….To get more info on this follow the link below to the article.


This is a very informative article on the use and variety of condoms on the market today, If you are sexually active then this post will be of interest to you, its full of info as well as some helpful tips.
I know that a lot of fellas, and ladies too, don’t like condoms. They decrease the connection between partners, and severely lower the sensation for men. Using a condom would be similar to eating if you had no sense of taste at all…To get to this article just visit the link below.

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This is another one of those dates gone wrong, She meets a man on a chat line as opposed to a dating site and it turns into disaster.This is a funny article with a very helpful link for you to check out if your thinking of finding someone on a dating site instead of one of those chat lines.

He came back with some ripe bananas for crying out loud. I was stunned!. At this point I was informed that since he had too much to drink, he would have to spend the night. Holy cow!…To read this article just visit the link below.

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This is a great article about a study that  had the people look at pictures of people of the opposite sex who had neutral expressions, looked happy, looked shameful, looked proud, or looked brooding. The participants were asked to rate their attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 9.Great informative article worth reading, to get to this article just visit the link below.

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This is another wonderful article dealing with the true fact the women around the world are squishing their footsies into BDSM booties and traipsing down their respective community sidewalks looking like something out of some kinky skin flick.To read the entire article follow the link below.

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This is an amusing article about a couple of guys who are trying to loss there virginity, will they succeed, read the article to find out.Visit the link below .
As we sat on my front porch one night watching the women walk by, seems thats all we ever did was watch, wondering how to make our lives more exciting, it came to me. I explained to my friend that I know someone who is involved in one of those online sites and he met some great galsmaybe we should give it a try.

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This is a tragic story of a women who got involved with an unpopular free dating site and it cost her her life.

There are many social misfits out there. These range from simple nerds to sociopaths. It is very possible that the apparently nice guy that you are chatting to on the Internet is actually possessive and abusive in real life. The epitome of dangerous people are axe murdering predators. They are the ones most likely to kill someone.To find out more about this tragic article follow the link below.
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This is a wonderfully written article about how you deal with life’s challenges. Its not some secret formula you can pull out of a recipe book someplace. It is up to you to decide how you will deal with every bump in the road that life deals you. The worst thing you can do is to dig a hole and bury yourself in grief or misery.Visit the link below to get the entire article.

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