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Hi these are my hot pics for the week ending August 9 2011,hope you enjoy the last articles.

This is a great article with lots of information on why some gals prefer bad guys, very worth reading.
The University of British Columbia (that is in the great white north), did a study of just over 1000 people divided evenly between men and women of all ages, and uncovered a few behavioral surprises. (American Psychological Association Journal “Emotion”)….to get this story just follow the link below.

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Does this sound like you?, if so then this article is for you.Very informative as well as interesting.
Women in the western world are stuffing their aching feet into BDSM booties and wobbling down various sidewalks of the world looking like something out of some B movie.Follow the link below to get the whole story.

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If you are thinking about joining a free dating site than this article will be of great interest to you.It is full of helpful information and tips to help you stay self.

The Killer May Have Been the Date from Hell!

Sonia Varaschin met men on the dating website plenty and ended up dying at the hands of one of them. To get to this great but sad article follow the link below, you might be glad you did.

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This is a great funny article about a 20 something year old guy still trying to lose his virginity.Well written, interesting, funny and i formative.
Hi my name is Skippy, and no I’m not a kangaroo! I was just a love starved guy looking for a little bing bing. I was always hoping someone would take a chance on me. Hmm – sounds like an old song. Lol. Lol. Just kidding. So there I was, 27 and still waiting for some. Thats right I said virgin, and I felt like I was the only one left in the world.
To find out how this guy makes out visit the link below.

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If it is a personal relationship breakup that is your latest negative challenge, you might decide to toss your hat in the ring again and get on the horse and ride again (wow – how many trite expressions is that in one sentence?). In reality, you may take some time to reflect, but in the end, the only right answer is to go out there and meet someone new.Great article lot of info here  just visit the link below.

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Well written article , very informative, full of info and helpful hints.
If a relationship involves two Chinese people, they are well aware of Chinese social conventions. However, when one of those people is not Chinese, explanations about Chinese culture and its impact on dating are necessary.
Here are a few good tips on dating and Chinese culture: Follow the link below to get these helpful tips.

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Are you a swinger or would like to be,then this article has a lot of info to help you.
Swinging is a personal choice for many married couples who see making love with someone other than their significant other as a physically stimulating pastime. Some get into swinging for different reasons.Just visit the link below.

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Do you have sex appeal, well read this article to find out, lots of incite and information worth reading.Assume a man sees  a attractive female walking down the street wearing a short skirt, and low cut top to showcase her breasts.  He may trip over his tongue because she looks sexy, but does that mean she has sex appeal?Just visit the link below.

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Finding yourself single again after what seems like a life time of marriage and being over 50 can feel like falling down the proverbial well. About half of women over the age of sixty live alone compared to only one out of 6 men. Dating sure has become a different animal in the last couple or three decades

Playful senior couple having fun indoors - Stock Photo

I hope you enjoy my picks as much as I have.


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