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These are my pics for the week ending July 28 2011,hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

 This article is called Kinky Shoes For The Workplace BDSM.  Its about how women’s fashions have become more like there for people who are into  BDSM then for everyday ware.Very well written and informative ,worth reading for sure.

What’s with women’s shoes?.
Everywhere, women’s shoes have grown into something Delilah would wear as she snipped Sampson’s hair off. Even fashion critics have trouble describing this nouveau dominatrix chic.To read this article just follow the link below.

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This is a funny article called Will I Ever Get Lucky, its about a couple of guys trying to loss there virginity, will they succeed? Read the article to find out, It is very amusing as well as informative with links to lead you in the right direction.

As we sat on my front porch one night watching the women walk by, seems that’s all we ever did was watch, wondering how to make our lives more exciting, it came to me. I explained to my friend that I know someone who is involved in one of those online sites and he meets all kinds of great woman maybe we should give it a try. To find this amusing article follow the link below.
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You’re out of your divorce finally, and you deem it okay now to get back out there.  All you need is your coffee and your keyboard and you’re all set to relax and sift through the endless matches you’re going to find online.This is a very interesting article with some helpful tips for those who have found themselves back in the dating game.

Today’s dating market can seem a little daunting though.  Once you start looking it gets simpler because not only can you find lists of the top dating sites but you can find researcher ratings and customer reviews as well.Follow the link to this article.

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The following article shows some examples of how Chinese people perceive dating situations differently:Filled with interesting information and helpful tips, well worth reading.

Chinese women are typically a little coy and expect the man to make the first move. In Chinese culture, the men are expected to be in control when it comes to the pursuit of women and advancing relationships. Just visit the link below.

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Swingers,  just to hammer the point home, swingers must have a very close and loving relationship to succeed with a swinging lifestyle.This is another wonderful informative article, find out if you have what it takes to be a swinger.

Mutual understanding and a strong foundation are vital factors in being a swinger.Just visit the link below.

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This is a great article about two friends who have trouble communicating with women until they get involved with an online dating site.Well written and very amusing as well it has some helpful information.

I started to have a lot of doubts about joining a dating site, but since my best friend had his heart set on it (and knowing he would do anything for me), I decided to go through with it. It turned out to be the best thing we had ever done. Stinky and I both joined a Dating Site, and it wasn’t long before we had responses from some sexy ladies….To read the rest just follow the link bellow.

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This next article is about sex appeal, do you have it?
Men tend to focus on what is currently in front of their eyes, and there will always be another sexy girl around the corner.This is one of my favorites, very well written by someone who obviously knows what there talking about.

Sex appeal is much more than that, it is derived from having self confidence, and a magnetic charm that emits from a person with a strong self image. When someone has these features they catch the eye of surrounding people. Just follow the link to this wonderful story.

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This is a great article for seniors who for whatever reason have had to start over and are a little unsure of what to expect.

Several old television relic’s have proven more than once that we all have a come back or two in us, but with every failed date that idea, like our perfect hearing, is slowly fading awayy…Follow the link below to get the whole story.

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These are my picks, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.See you next week.




These are my articles for the week ending July 12 2011, Hope you enjoy then.

My first article is about a guy who seems to have no luck at all, with love or life.This is a somewhat amusing yet sad article, well worth reading.

My cousin has had the worst luck of anyone I have ever met, one day as children he decided to climb a big tree in the front yard and “you guessed it” he got stuck up there. As the fire department showed up a crowd began to gather around the house to see the idiot that got stuck in the tree, they used a large ladder which one of the fireman climbed to rescue him and bring him safely to the ground.To read this post follow the link below.

This is a great article about college relationships, well worth reading, its funny, as well as serious and informative.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not off my rocker or anything like that, but please stop telling me to enjoy being single because “one day” I might find myself with a husband, youngsters and an expensive apartment, being single is not what I want to be for the rest of my life.Follow the link below.

This article talks about dating sites and the fact that free isn’t always better.If you plan on joining a dating site then this article is for you.

There are thousands of dating sites on the Internet, ranging from excellent to scams. Most are just small operations trying to make a buck off of lonely people…just visit the link below

This is another great article about internet dating sites, for those of you who are thinking about using one this article will be worth while reading.

This is an asummation of my thoughts on using internet dating sites to find love online. As an observer of the online dating industry for the last several years, I have spent a lot of time trying to gage how it is that some individuals succeed while others fail.

Are you in a relationship rut then this article will definitely help.Its full of helpful tips on getting your relationship back on track.

It appears to me that a lot of  couples these days, forget who they started out being.Many couples forget their roots. Once they start to live together they seem to gradually lose the bonds that attracted them in the first place. Why is that?  As individuals do we really change that much?  I don’t think so. So why the drift? Often we just get comfortable and lazy. To fix it, we have to inject new life into the mix.Follow the link below.

Are you a swinger?Would you like to be, do you think you have what it takes, well if so this article is for you.Well written and very informative,loaded with helpful information

Why would couples want to become swingers, why would they want to have sex with someone else especially if they’re supposed to be in love with each other?Follow the link below.

This is a funny article about a couple of guys looking for love, will they find it,well you will have to read the article to find out.

As I took a slow walk along the park area behind my house one sunny weekend last year, I was looking in amazement at the dead trees, and the poison ivy that some people would argue are flowers, and smelling the water in the creek (that I swear comes from the sewer…Follow the link below

This is a great article about college relationships, well worth reading, lots of information.Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not off my rocker or anything like that, but please stop telling me to enjoy being single because “one day” I might find myself with a husband, youngsters and an expensive apartment,