These are my picks of interesting online dating articles for the week of June 6th 2011 to June 13th 2011,as I read and find more interesting and informative articles I will post them for you to check out.Hopefully you will find them as interesting as I do as well as helpful.”ENJOY”

This is an article  based on Gay Dating,I found it to be very interesting and I give a thumbs up to the writer.
Some people believe that gay men are shallow when it comes to finding someone they would like to have a long term relationship with. But is that really true?

This is an article  that focuses on lesbian dating,and I found it to be very informative

For a lot of lesbians, finding a perfect partner can be as easy as googling for lesbian dating sites(or even some more general purpose online dating sites) and creating an informative profile that is interesting to read, and then just sit back and wait for them to come to


 This is an article based on false notions and commercials trying to brain wash us into believing we need drugs in or to have better sex.There is just so much crap on the internet about having better sex with drugs.”STOP THE INSANITY”

Online Dating Survey Results:
This is an article  about the ins and outs of online dating,another article  of interest.The following is a summary of a study of about 100 or so urban dwellers in how they look for people to date.

This is an article  that gives you information on the Top 100 Dating Sites.Again a thumbs up to the writer,you did your homework.You’re trying to start a new path in life after a particularly jarring situation.  Depending on the issue, this new path you want to take might be rather difficult tonegotiate.

This is a very funny article of a self proclaimed loser who turns to a chat line and finds someone to share his life with.My stepbrother has had nothing but bad luck, one day as children he climbed a big maple tree in the front yard and “you guessed it” he got stuck up there.A must read.

This article  is called Classy BBW Ladies Are Back In Style.How right they are,Big Beautiful Women are just as classy to be seen with than a skinny woman.Everyone has his or her own definition of sexy.The umbrella of “sexy” covers many ideals. Social mores change, and with that change comes a shift in what it is that is considered to be a sexy person.

This is another informative article about the challenges of starting over,its called Top 100 Personal Sites,and is another must read for those who are starting over and are a little afraid to take that first step.How you deal with life’s challenges is not some secret formula you can pull out of a recipe book someplace. It is up to you to decide how you will deal with every bump in the road that life deals you. The worst thing you can do is to dig a hole and bury yourself in grief or misery.

This article  is called Have Sex- Will Orgasm.How true that is,back then women were expected to just lie there and keep there mouth shut,the enjoyment was stickily for the man. A few generations ago,many adult ladies did not have orgasms.In actuality many did not understand what an orgasm was.How true this is a wonderful article and there is also another funny little article about senior dating you might want to heck out as well.

This little dilly is called How To Make Love Like A Porn Star.Wow sounds great,come on all you women out there lets show them what were really made of in bed.A thumbs up on this one.
Women all over the world would like to be able to give there man sexual action so fulfilling, that they will become inseparable. The key problem is that most women are somewhat clueless as to what really satisfies a man in a way that moves his soul.

This is called Free Online Dating,and it talks about the fact that you don’t have to pay through the nose to use an Online Dating Site,there are lots of free sites so don’t be taken.Very Informative.
There are literally thousands of dating sites on the internet. Many are just scams. In reality, there are only a double handful of legitimate large scale dating sites.


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